Spitfire Girl Album

Breath of Angels. The start of the show. Jenny, Kris, and Mary aspire to be pilots. (Laura Pitt-Pulford, Imelda Warren-Green, Louise Young, Ian McIntosh)

Empire Air Day. Jimmy leads the ensemble, proclaiming the wonders of the Empire and the men who rule the skies. (Steven Serlin, Laura Pitt Pulford, Louise Dearman, Sam Oladeinde, Ian McIntosh)

Letters From France. Jenny, having just returned from nursing in France, refers to the letters she sent to her Aunt Joy, who in turn recalls the letters she sent to her husband Anthony when she was nursing during the First World War. (Laura Pitt-Pulford and Louise Dearman)

What About The RAF. Jimmy sets about recruiting Eric and Simon, who join George’s bomber crew. (Steven Serlin, Ian McIntosh, Sam Oladeinde, Louise Dearman, Caroline Deverill)

ATA Girls. Jenny joins Kris and Mary, serving as pilots with the Air Transport Auxiliary. (Laura Pitt-Pulford, Imelda Warren-Green, Louise Young)

Saint George. Having seen a picture referencing ‘King’ George, and also referring to ‘Saint’ George, Jenny and George enjoy a ‘dogfight’. (Laura Pitt-Pulford and Ian McIntosh)

The Burning Blue. Jenny, Kris, and Mary prepare to meet the boys for a night out in London. Meanwhile George, Eric, and Simon prepare to go on a mission. (Ian McIntosh, Sam Oladeinde, Laura Pitt-Pulford, Louise Dearman, Caroline Deverill, Steven Serlin)

Nurse Of The Year. Nurse Joy does her best to keep injured George and Eric under control. (Louise Dearman, Ian McIntosh, Glenn Tollett, and Sam Oladeinde)

Smiling In Blue. Eric has written a song for Kris, and worries if their relationship has a future. (Sam Oladeinde and Imelda Warren-Green)

Survivor. George struggles with survivor’s guilt. (Ian McIntosh)

Pie Jesu. Mary’s lament over her recent loss. (Ellie Nunn)

One Day One Night. Grace, Jenny’s mother, reflects on the early days of her relationship with Jenny’s father William, and the effect the First World War. (Caroline Deverill, Louise Dearman, Louise Young, and Lara Pitt-Pulford)

Beyond the Looks. Jenny asks ‘What’s either side of the photograph?’ (Laura Pitt-Pulford)

Pick Up The Pieces. Jimmy, having called on ‘moral fibre’ is confronted by Joy, Grace, and Jenny, as it won’t be him picking up the pieces. (Laura Pitt-Pulford, Louise Young)

My Hope My Love. Joy, referring to a letter sent to her by her husband, prays that Jenny can find the same love that she had with Anthony. (Louise Dearman)

Wingman. Jenny and George are coming to terms with their issues and their love grows. (Laura Pitt-Pulford and Ian McIntosh)

At Peace Now. The war is over and a time to remember those who did not make it through, but to look to brighter days ahead. (Louise Dearman, Laura Pitt-Pulford, Caroline Deverill, Ian McIntosh)

Finale. The end of the show and the cast reflect on what has happened, where they are, and what the future holds. (Louise Dearman, Laura Pitt-Pulford, Caroline Deverill, Ian McIntosh)