The Cormorant Tree Song Demos

Performed by Ian McIntosh, Laura Pitt-Pulford, Louise Young, Savannah Stevenson, Steven Serlin, and James Reeves. Music by Glenn Tollett and lyrics by Steve Darlow. Produced by Glenn Tollett and Nick Magnus.

Saint Hedrok. Clare’s sea shanty tells of Saint Hedrok’s lack of humility, his pilgrimage, and the founding of his church on the cliffs above Highsands. (Ian McIntosh, Laura Pitt-Pulford, Louise Young, Savannah Stevenson, James Reeves, Glenn Tollett)

As Year Follows Year. Looking out to sea, Anna stands on the quay from where her husband set sail years ago. He has never been seen again. She prays that one day her love will return. (Savannah Stevenson)

Bartholomew Tope. As leader of the local gang Tope gathers his cronies and warns everyone to ‘look away the eye, the smugglers go by!’ (Ian McIntosh, Steven Serlin, James Reeves, Glenn Tollett)

Come Walk With Me. Anna and Robert walk the shore of Highsands Bay. (Ian McIntosh and Savannah Stevenson)

The Cormorant Tree. Passions run high as the villagers dance and sing. (Ian McIntosh, Laura Pitt-Pulford, Louise Young, Savannah Stevenson, Steven Serlin, James Reeves, Glenn Tollett)

My Father and My Friend. Pasco, who has just laid his father to rest, asks whether nature or God will take care of his soul. (Ian McIntosh)

The Pennies. All the villagers have gathered and Clare sings a ballad about an annual ritual at Highsands, and the myth of the maiden, the fisherman, and Neptune’s revenge. (Laura Pitt-Pulford, Louise Young, James Reeves, Glenn Tollett)

Her Lonely Way. Clare opens our show singing about a young girl who meets her lover, a soldier, on the clifftops. But he tells her that duty calls, he must leave, and go across the seas. At the end of the song Clare reveals that she was, in fact, that young girl. (Laura Pitt-Pulford, James Reeves, Louise Young)

Hey-o-Hey. The villagers of Highsands call to the fisherman out in the bay. They answer with the news that the day has gone well and everyone is called to the shore to land the catch. (Laura Pitt-Pulford, Louise Young, Savannah Stevenson, Steven Serlin, James Reeves.)

Spirits at Rest. The Sunday morning service has just ended at St Hedrok’s church. Parson Caleb has just received his delivery of smuggled liquor and tobacco and dances around the graveyard secreting the contraband in the various graves and tombs. (Laura Pitt-Pulford, Louise Young, Steven Serlin, James Reeves.)

To Love Again. Clearly having feelings for one another, Anna and Pasco wonder if they can find love again. But what must they sacrifice? (Ian McIntosh, Savannah Stevenson)

If Only You Were Here. Pasco contemplates what advice his father would give if he were alive. Should he risk telling the truth no matter what the cost? (Ian McIntosh)

To The Sun And To The Sea. Anna, fearing Pasco is lost in the storm, stands at the edge of the cliffs, on the verge of ending her life. She appeals to the natural world, asking why she deserves such a fate. (Ian McIntosh and Savannah Stevenson)