Synopsis (S)

(Beware! Spoilers below!)

Jenny, a free spirited dancer, is the youngest in the Mitchell family. A feisty character but in her brother’s shadow – he gives her the nickname ‘Spitfire’. Enthralled by flying Jenny is frustrated by the lack of opportunity for women. Her aunt Joy finds her an opening with the Civil Air Guard, but this ends with the outbreak of the Second World War. Jenny becomes a nurse and supports the Dunkirk evacuation, witnessing horrific scenes. On return to England she is invited to fly with the Air Transport Auxiliary, which is accepting women. Against her father’s wishes she joins, meeting fellow pilots Mary and Kris. The three female pilots meet RAF airmen, George, Simon, and Eric. Jenny starts to have a romantic relationship with George. George is a proud and idealistic pilot. After a tentative start, Jenny and George find a mutual attraction, as do Mary and Simon, and Kris and Eric.

Returning from a raid tragedy strikes and George is badly burnt, Eric wounded, and Simon killed. George is hospitalised, suffering nightmares, survivor’s guilt, and becomes detached from socialising. Jenny tries to help George with his psychological traumas, trying to teach him to dance, which George rejects. Eventually George discovers that Jenny suffered psychological trauma in France, and realises she understands what he has been through. Jenny manages to persuade George to join the ATA, and they reach a point of mutual understanding, expressing their love unconditionally.

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