Writing the lyrics of ‘Smiling in Blue’

We felt we needed a more optimistic song early in Act Two of Spitfire. A simple song, of the period, which will have been written by one of our characters, Eric, who can play the piano. Why the title ‘Smiling in Blue’ because Kris is first attracted to Eric because of his infectious smile and blue uniform. Eric has been seriously injured in an accident and it is the first time, since the incident, that Eric has been able to leave the hospital and go to a local pub with Kris. With a simple AABA format in mind, here’s the genesis of the lyrics.

Glenn set about writing some music and after further thoughts the lyrics developed to …

Having discussed further with Glenn we added a response by Kris alone and moved the 16 bar music only section.

Finally, we made the decision to drop the 16 bar music only section. With a few more tweaks, in September 2021 Imelda Warren-Green and Emile Ruddock performed the song at the Charing Cross showcase.

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